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  • Circumference — When a circle s radius is 1 unit, its circumference is 2π units …   Wikipedia

  • Сальтос — Действующее вещество ›› Сальбутамол* (Salbutamol*) Латинское название Saltos АТХ: ›› R03CC02 Сальбутамол Фармакологическая группа: Бета адреномиметики Нозологическая классификация (МКБ 10) ›› J43 Эмфизема ›› J44 Другая хроническая обструктивная… …   Словарь медицинских препаратов

  • József Katona — (11 November 1791 Kecskemét 16 April 1830 Kecskemét) was a Hungarian playwright and poet, creator of the Hungarian drama: author of the legendary historical tragedy: Bánk bán . Biography József Katona studied at the University of Pest as a lawyer …   Wikipedia

  • Ken Adachi — (1929 February 9, 1989) was a Canadian writer and literary critic, who was associated with the Toronto Star s literary section from 1976 until his death.Born to Japanese immigrants in Vancouver, British Columbia, Adachi was interned with his… …   Wikipedia

  • Mechanism of action of aspirin — 3D model of chemical structure of aspirin Aspirin causes several different effects in the body, mainly the reduction of inflammation, analgesia (relief of pain), the prevention of clotting, and the reduction of fever. Much of this is believed to… …   Wikipedia

  • Ácido acetilsalicílico — Ácido acetilsalicílico …   Wikipedia Español

  • Macronaria —   Macronaria Rango temporal: Jurásico medio Cretácico superior …   Wikipedia Español

  • HAT-P-37 — Звезда Наблюдательные данные (Эпоха J2000.0) Тип Одиночная звезда Прямое восхождение …   Википедия

  • Aspirin — Asprin redirects here. For the author, see Robert Asprin. Aspirin …   Wikipedia

  • Antibiotic resistance — is a type of drug resistance where a microorganism is able to survive exposure to an antibiotic. While a spontaneous or induced genetic mutation in bacteria may confer resistance to antimicrobial drugs, genes that confer resistance can be… …   Wikipedia