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  • QFD — (акроним от англ. Quality Function Deployment), или структурирование (развертывание) функции качества является гибким методом принятия решений, использующимся в разработке продуктов или услуг. По мнению создателей, QFD может помочь… …   Википедия

  • Drehbank (Holz) — Holzdrehbank Die Drehbank oder Holzdrehbank des Drechslers ist eine Maschine zum Herstellen von Rotationskörpern vorrangig aus Holz, aber auch aus Elfenbein, Horn, Bernstein, Alabaster, Serpentin, Plexiglas und anderen Stoffen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico — San Juan Bautista   Municipality   …   Wikipedia

  • Electron configuration — Electron atomic and molecular orbitals Simp …   Wikipedia

  • Chesapeake Bay impact crater — Location of the crater in North America Chesapeake Bay impact crater Impact crater/structure …   Wikipedia

  • Proteinogenic amino acid — Proteinogenic amino acids are those amino acids that can be found in proteins and require cellular machinery coded for in the genetic code [1] of any organism for their isolated production. There are 22 standard amino acids, but only 21 are found …   Wikipedia

  • Cofactor (biochemistry) — The succinate dehydrogenase complex showing several cofactors, including flavin, iron sulfur centers, and heme. A cofactor is a non protein chemical compound that is bound to a protein and is required for the protein s biolog …   Wikipedia

  • Parathyroid hormone-related protein — (or PTHrP) is a protein member of the parathyroid hormone family. It is occasionally secreted by cancer cells (breast cancer, certain types of lung cancer including squamous cell carcinoma). However, it also has normal functions.FunctionsPTHrP… …   Wikipedia

  • The Beatnuts — (left) JuJu and (right) Psycho Les Background information Origin Queens, New York City Genres …   Wikipedia

  • Aufbau principle — The Aufbau principle (from the German Aufbau meaning building up, construction : also Aufbau rule or building up principle) is used to determine the electron configuration of an atom, molecule or ion. The principle postulates a hypothetical… …   Wikipedia