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  • CS-ACELP — G.729 bezeichnet einen von der ITU T beschriebenen Codec zur Komprimierung von Sprache in digitale Signale. Die technische Bezeichnung lautet auch „Conjugate Structure Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction“ (CS ACELP). G.729 wird… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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  • Algebraic code excited linear prediction — (ACELP) is a speech encoding algorithm where a limited set of pulses is distributed as excitation to linear prediction filter.The ACELP method is widely employed in current speech coding standards such as AMR, EFR, AMR WB and ITU T G series… …   Wikipedia

  • Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband — Vorlage:Infobox Dateiformat/Wartung/MagischeZahl fehltVorlage:Infobox Dateiformat/Wartung/Entwickler fehltVorlage:Infobox Dateiformat/Wartung/Website fehlt Dateiendung: .awb MIME Type …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction — Der Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction, abgekürzt ACELP, stellt einen patentierten Vocoder der Firma VoiceAge Corporation dar, welcher bei der verlustbehafteten Kompression von Sprachsignalen im Telekommunikationsbereich Anwendung findet.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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  • G.723.1 — is an audio codec for voice that compresses voice audio in 30 ms frames. An algorithmic look ahead of 7.5 ms duration means that total algorithmic delay is 37.5 ms.Note that this is a completely different codec from G.723.There are two bit rates… …   Wikipedia

  • Adaptive multi-rate compression — Infobox file format name = Adaptive Multi Rate Narrow Band (AMR NB) icon = logo = caption = extension = .amr mime = audio/amr type code = uniform type = magic = owner = genre = Audio container for = contained by = extended from = extended to =… …   Wikipedia

  • AMR-WB+ — Adaptive Multi Rate – WideBand plus (AMR WB+) is an audio codec that extends AMR WB. It adds support for stereo signals and higher sampling rates. Another main improvement is the use of transform coding additionally to ACELP. This greatly… …   Wikipedia